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Seechewal Model

Seechewal Model



Seechewal Model: A Formula of Prosperity 

                        Punjab like other states of India and the whole world is today facing a great environmental crisis. Groundwater level of Punjab is decreasing rapidly. All the natural water resources are polluted due to the dumping of untreated and      poisonous    Industrial and domestic wastage into them. People are suffering with deadly diseases. The solution of this serious problem is devised by Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal. He has implemented it in the village Seechewal, Sultanpur Lodhi and many other villages. It is a simple pipe and pump formula today known as 'Seechewal Model'. The model is termed as 'Seechewal Model' by Government of India and they are so much impressed by the formula that the model is adopted to clean Ganga river.

 What exactly is Seechewal Model?

The water from the village sewerage is collected in a pond. In the beginning, a filter-mash is used so that object floating on the water can be stopped.The polluted water before going to pond is taken into three separate wells, where the silt from the sewerage is left in first well. In the second well fats, oil and ghee are left out. Then water enters in the third well where the level of water is equal.The water collected in the pond is cleaned with Sun rays.On the banks of the pond, on opposite side of the three wells, a motor is fitted to use the treated water for irrigation.



  Benefits of Model:

Because of right disposal of polluted water, the environment remains clean. The polluted water is good for farming rather than throwing into natural water resources.By laying down sewerage, open drain pipes are done away, which has brought freedom from flies and mosquitoes.Use of fertilizers has decreased which has resulted in commercial benefits to the farmers. Alongside organic farming has been promoted.Because of proper disposal of polluted waters, spread of diseases has decreased.Saving of electricity and rise in underground water level.

  Success of Seechewal Model

In Seechewal village, treated water is being used in 17 acres of land.In Sultanpur Lodhi treated water of the town is used for irrigation in more than 750 acres of land through a 13 KM long pipeline.In Dasua (District Hoshiarpur, Punjab) the treated water is used for irrigation by 5 Km long pipeline..The model is implemented in almost 50 villages situated along the Holy Bein. The treated water is used for irrigation. In past, they were throwing untreated water in the Holy Bein. Under Holy Bein Project the work to implement the model is continuing.With the help of NRI in almost 50 villages of Doaba and Malwa Region of Punjab, the model is implemented.The model is adopted in 'Ganga Mission' and it is being implemented in 1650 village of five states along the Ganga river.

Renowned Personalities' visit to study Seechewal Model

Uma Bharti, Central Minister of Water Resource Development Department visited Seechewal and Sultanpur Lodhi on 25 August 2015. She was so much impressed by the model that she declared to adopt it in Ganga Mission and also decide to send panchayat of villages situated along the Ganga to see the Seechewal model Uma Bharti Union Minister Of Punjab.Chief Minister of Haryana saw Seechewal model on 11 October 2016 and he said that the model will be used in Haryana.A special team of the government of India came to analysis the model on 27 November 2016.Chief Minister of Delhi Shri Arvind Kejriwal came to see the Seechewal model. He declared to implement the model in all villages of Punjab if AAP comes to power in Punjab.S.K. Sandhu chief secretary to Chief Minister of Punjab, S. Parkash Singh Badal, made a special visit to Seechewal village to see the working of the model. After the minute observation of the model, he said that the model could be implemented in all villages of Punjab.Almost 800 village panchayats from five states namely Uttrakhand, U.P., Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal under Ganga mission Project has visited Seechewal and Sultanpur to see the model and learn from it.Chief Minister of Bihar, Shri Nitish Kumar came to see the Seechewal model.Navjot Singh Sidhu came to see the Seechewal model.Seechewal Model is a model of prosperity. It preserve natural sources, save groundwater, save electricity, decreases the spread of diseases, saves expenditure of farmers and bring more profit to them, promote organic farming and it is also very economical. Now it depends on Centre and State Governments when they adopt it and put into practice.